A.J. Cox pty ltd
Licensed Electrical Contractor 35 + years 
Pumps and Controllers 25 + years experience


Supply Pumps and Controllers
Pressure Boosting Systems
 Variable Speed Drives for Pumps
Electrical Contracting
 Water Feature
Rain to Mains Systems
Waste Water Pumps
Domestic Installation
​Pressure Systems
Circulatory Pumps
Storm Water Pumps
Commercial Installation 
Drainage pumps​​​​​​​

Control panels manufactured for all pump system as well as variable 
speed drive pump systems

Variable Speed Drive Pump systems to maximise electrical energy efficiency

Specialised in car-park and garages installations Class 1 Zone 2 as defined in 
AS - Australia Standard
NZS - New Zealand Standard
60079.10.1:2009 ZA.4.2

Compliant pumps and float switches and electrically safe installation method

Licensed and Insured 6 Monthly preventive maintenance inspections

Storm Water Pit and Rainwater Tank Cleaning